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Our Story

Ruth Penton Polson Artist Designer

Dr. Ruth Penson Polson, aka “RP” is one of Birmingham, Alabama’s most multi-talented renaissance women of the 21st century. RP is an inspirational & passionate artist, designer, dentist, Mom and wife. She considers her greatest calling to empower her six-year old daughter her to become a strong woman like the one RP hopes to be through her medical practice, her artwork and her athleisure brand REP Active Art.

RP discovered her artistic talent early on, but it wasn’t until after a near death car crash in 2008, when she broke her back and was forced to take temporary leave from her medical practice, that she began to explore art more fervently. RP believes her active lifestyle before the accident is what helped her body heal faster and prevented her from sustaining more serious injuries. Art helped her mend physically and emotionally. Her spare time hobby soon bloomed into full-time, and her artworks sold in high-end home & interior boutiques across Birmingham, AL. She was further restored when she discovered a way to combine a several of her various passions into one company.
Ruth Penton Polson Artist Designer
In November of 2016, RP transformed her artwork into activewear leggings and created REP Active Art. RP got to set her art in motion. Each vibrant and lively print, named after inspirational women in RP’s life, originated as a piece of art on canvas or paper. REP Active Art has pricked the pulse of cardio-loving women who are committed to stay moving while wearing fashionable and functional gear. Each pair is supportive, lint-free and is constructed with a high waist to combat muffin-topping. Sold as leggings and capris, each pair makes a stand alone style statement and can easily transition from the gym to lunch or dinner with a few accessory edits.

Today, RP is focused on growing REP Active Art by supporting women to find their voice, their inner strength and be confidently expressive. Her strongest passions are fitness and empowering women. She puts that same energy into raising her daughter Emma, who is the ‘E’ in REP. She supports numerous local charities which serve pets, women, and children!
Find REP Active Art in several Birmingham boutiques + fitness studios.